Just Another Manic Monday…

Hi Friends! I’m sorry that I dropped off the face of the blog world for a few weeks! Between taking vacation, starting a new job, holidays and adjusting to my new schedule there has been very little time for blogging. Since today is manic monday I know everyone is busy so instead of a long post I’m doing a photo dump of scenes from my life over the past few weeks. 🙂


(Because… who doesn’t like looking at pictures)

From our trip to St. Augustine…


Exploring Anastasia State Park with Brad


St. Augustine Light House


Hyppo Pops aka the best thing ever created…




Trying out the local brew in St. Augustine.


Brad sipping on some Pirates Grog…

From Easter weekend…


My parents bought a Lake House! This is their new pontoon boat woohoo!


Easter Sunday Lunch with my family


This past weekend I ran the Iron Girl Half Marathon on severely undertrained legs. Needless to say it was hot, humid and hilly so… it was my slowest half time. #Winning


Even though the race was difficult I had a ton of fun with my Run Tampa friends and I really enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery.


My eyes are closed in this photo…per usual.

The race course went over the bridge that I’m on in the photo above and the bridge behind me twice…holy glutes. Somehow I survived. 🙂

That’s all that is happening in Sass N’ Dash Land!

What do you have going on this week?

Have you run any memorable races lately (good or bad)?

Is it heating up in your area yet?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


What’s Up Wednesday

Hi party people! I hope you are all having a great week. If you’re not having a great week the good news is.. you’re already half-way through! WOOHOO! So I’m sure you’re wondering what I have been up to since I’ve been posting a lot less.

Thursday – This was my last day of work at my old job. FREEDOM.

Friday – My Dad’s Birthday! I took him to lunch at Ulele, YUMMMM!!!



Friday night Brad and I attended the rehearsal dinner for Alex & Anthony’s wedding at the Columbia in Ybor city. We were the first one’s there awkward…


Notice the awkwardly empty room…

Saturday – Alex & Anthony’s wedding day! The ceremony was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church here in Tampa & the reception was at the Tampa Yacht Club. The ceremony was beautiful and reminded me that I need to get my buns to church more regularly.

The reception was very classy and screamed ‘Tampa’. They rented the whole yacht club so guests were able to hangout inside or outside.


Beautiful Sunset During the Cocktail Hour


Weddings always call for champagne…



Live music during cocktail hour!


The first dance! 🙂

One of my favorite parts of the reception – they had a Yogurtology truck near the end of the night. Give me ALL the froyo. Oh and they had a bucket of flip-flops for the guests that I definitely took advantage of.



Sunday calls for Beer & lots of Cheese.



Don’t worry fit friends, I have still been running and doing my workouts regularly! 😉

This week I have been getting all organized because next Monday I start my new job! I have been doing all of the fun things like taxes, getting my car repaired, bills, donating clothes, cleaning, etc.

Another random side note –> I didn’t get into the Marine Corps Marathon, URGH. I just applied for the Chicago marathon Lottery so hopefully 3rd times a charm?

Today Brad and I leave for St. Augustine, I’m looking forward to some R&R before starting my new position. I will keep you guys posted on our adventure, I’m hoping to hit up the fountain of youth for some of that magic elixir. 😉

What are you up to this week?

What is the weather like where you live?

When and where was your last vacation?


Exciting News

It’s Thursday which means we are one day closer to Friday. However, for me today is my Friday AND my last day at my current company! That’s right, I accepted a new position that I’m beyond excited about. It will be such a great change! While I enjoyed working for my current company this position has a ton of great perks. Perhaps one of the biggest being that it is literally 10 minutes from my house – GOODBYE long commute!!!


I don’t handle traffic very well….

This new position is also a step up the ladder for me which is very, very exciting.

I’m movin’ on up!!

Hopefully other people share my affinity for oldie shows….

Another great thing is that I have a week of vacation (no work) before I start my new job! WOOHOO, Living the dream over here.

Anyways, if you can’t already tell I’m super duper excited. For my week off Brad and I plan to take a little trip to St. Augustine to check out the historic district!

Has anyone been to St. Augustine lately? If so I’d love to hear some suggestions on things to do, restaurants, etc.

How is your week going so far?


5 Workout Motivation Tips

Happy St. Patty’s day to you lads! I am a total ditz and forgot it was St. Patrick’s day so I have zero green on at work. I think a pinch is coming my way at some point today. I hope you were better prepared than me.

I had an amazing weekend! Saturday we stopped by the River O’ Green event in Downtown Tampa to see the Hillsborough river turned emerald!


Followed by lunch at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Paninoteca. Their hummus is amazingly delicious.


Spanakopita + Greek Salad + Hummus = Heaven

Sunday started with a long run over the Clearwater bridges with my running buddy Nicole. It was misty, overcast weather, which we were very happy about because it keep us from getting too hot.

Luckily, the clouds cleared just as we finished which made for the perfect beach day. Brad and I spent the rest of the day at the beach with his family. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.


We all have those days. Where the last think we want to freakin’ do is workout, all we want is a tub of ice cream and the couch. I know the feeling, luckily over the years I’ve mastered some tips to get instant motivation when I don’t feel like working out.

5 Tips for Workout Motivation

1. Create a New Playlist or find a new Podcast

I use spotify on my phone which allows me to constantly change-up my playlists so that things never get boring. Also, if you make a rule that you can only listen to your favorite songs and/or podcasts while you’re working out it helps. When the Serial podcast came out I was running nonstop because I made a rule that I could only listen to it while I was working out.

One of my favorite workout songs right now..

It’s so upbeat & fun!

2. New workout clothes

This one always does the trick for me. If your budget allows grab yourself some cute new workout gear, then you’ll be super excited to sport it for your next workout. Don’t forget to do the squat, run in place, jumping jack test in the dressing room to make sure your new gear will look cute AND perform well.

My problem...

My problem…

3. Try a different workout

If you are dreading your workout… DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Life is too short, if the one thing stopping you from working out is running then go to spinning or power yoga or pilates or barre – the possibilities are endless people, make it happen! 🙂

4. Give it 10 minutes

On those days when you cannot get your butt out the door for a workout make a deal with yourself that you will go to the gym (or for a run) for 10 minutes. If at the end of those 10 minutes you’re still not into working out then you can go home. I usually find that when the 10 minutes are up I’m already getting into a groove. Which means that I end up working up for a longer period of time. However, even if you just get 10 minutes in that is still better than nothing, right??

5. Treat yo’ self

Create a reward system for your workouts or runs. For example, if you make all your scheduled workouts for 2 weeks then reward yourself with a cute new workout top (combining tips 2 & 5 here 😉 ). You could also reward your hard work with a massage, a pedicure, rent your favorite movie, whatever floats your boat! However, the experts say don’t reward yourself for working out with food, not that I listen so you should probably listen to them.

Those are some of my favorite workout motivation tips! I’d love to hear what tips or tricks you use to get your butt out the door on those low energy days.

 How was your weekend?

Do you use any of these tips?

What type of workout do you dread the most & which one is your favorite?

Give & Grub – Gourmet Food with a Purpose

Hi friends I hope you’re having a great week so far! My week has been ‘cray cray’, every night after work I have had something happening. Last night I finally got a haircut, it had been way too long since my last one. Also, I may be running a 5 mile race this weekend called the Bolt Run, I will keep you guys posted on that – I know you love my random life updates. More exciting news coming soon but I have to wait to share it hehe.

As I mentioned in my last post I was invited to check out the Give & Grub food truck this past Saturday. The truck was created by the laser spine institute and the Tampa Bay lightning in an effort to fight the growing hunger problem in the Tampa Bay Area.




Hunger Facts (From Give & Grub)

– According to Feeding America Tampa Bay, there are an estimated 700,000 people in West Central Florida struggling with hunger – 250,000 of those are children.
– 37 percent of the members of West Central Florida households served by Feeding America Tampa Bay are children under 18 years of age.
– From 2008-2012, the average number of families in Hillsborough County living below the poverty level was 16.5 percent – higher than the state average, which was 15.6 percent

When you purchase a gourmet meal from the Give & Grub truck the Laser Spine institute will donate a meal to a hungry child within Tampa Bay. Also, every time the #GiveAndGrub is used/shared on social media the Laser Spine Institute will donate a meal! I love how creative and unique this fundraising idea is! The whole project has already provided 25,000+ meals to hungry children through their partnership with Feeding America Tampa Bay & Metropolitan ministries (both fabulous organizations, by the way). Their goal is to feed 150,000 hungry children in Tampa bay!


Upon my arrival at the Give & Grub truck I was greeted by Chris, one of the community organizers, he gave me a run down of the give & grub mission and I was immediately very impressed. You get to eat awesome food and fight hunger.. that’s a win-win in my book.

I had a difficult time narrowing down my sampling to three items from the food truck menu because everything looked soooo delicious. I selected the ‘Callahan’s Mac Slam’, the ‘Chicken Parmkos’, and the ‘Coach Cooper’s Candied Burger’.


The menu is named after the lightning personal and inspired by some of their favorite foods!

While I waited for the food to cook, this happened…


We’re cool, we know it.

I’ve realized that I’m super awkward in photo booths..

Before I knew it, it was #nom time, YES!


Here’s the spread…


Cooper’s Candied Burger – Candied Jalapeno Burger with Roasted Red Peppers, Candied Jalapeños and Cotija Cheese on a Pumpernickel Bun


Callahan’s Mac Slam – Sausage Mac ’n’ Cheese with Seared Kielbasa, Caramelized Peppers and Onions, Cavatappi and Creamy Boursin


Chicken Parmkos – Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with Breaded Chicken, Housemade Marinara, Hero Roll and Aged Parmesan

Holy cow – everything was divine. Brad and I were jumping for joy when all the food landed on our table. My favorite was probably the jalapeno burger, but everything was really yummy.


Brad loving the food

If you are in the Tampa bay area and you would like to try out the Give & Grub Truck you can simply use the ‘Locate Us‘ tab on their website to find out where the truck will be next!



Which meal looked the best to you?

Have you ever tried a food truck? Tell me about the experience in the comments!




Weekend Bites

Another weekend has come and gone, I must say mine was quite fabulous. The central theme of my weekend was food – obviously, it was bound to be a great time. I love trying new delicious dishes and experimenting with my food, who’s with me? FOODIES UNITE!


Friday evening after work I met up with a few friends to grab dinner at the Green Lemon. We feasted on the trio dip, which I know I have mentioned before, Mexican Cesar salads and their awesome house margaritas! After dinner I picked up brad from the apartment and we went to a bar near our house to grab a beer. The night ended with me falling asleep on the couch before 11pm, while brad watched house of cards. #grandmastatus

Saturday I made my way to a 10:30am class at Mantra fitness. I took a class with a new instructor, Keri, it kicked my butt. I swear these workouts get harder the more you go… my abs are sooo sore. After my sweaty morning I went home & made a delicious bowl of egg white steel cut banana oats. I used a recipe (<–link to recipe) that I found on pinterest + I added a mashed banana when I added the egg whites. If you really want to get crazy add some blueberries and a spoonful of almond butter at the end – YUM!!!

Around 4:30pm Brad and I made our way to downtown Tampa to check out the Give & Grub food truck (sponsored by the Laser spine institute). I have a post about the experience coming soon, spoiler alert the food is really decadent & delicious!! For every meal purchased at the food truck the laser spine institute donates a meal to a child of a family in need. It is an awesome cause, I can’t wait to tell you more about it. 😉




After chowing down on food we went over to Brad’s family’s house for dessert and a fire. It’s already starting to heat up here in Florida so we have to take advantage of the last few cool evenings we’ll have for a while.

Sunday I went for a run around 10:30am, I had planned a longish run but I had to drop it down to a 6.5 mile run. It was hot and sunny, I got sunburned and the most hideous runner shorts tan ever, hottie pants over here – literally.

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing (as it should be) and it ended with a fabulous dinner. My parents met us for a lovely dinner at Roux which is a semi-new restaurant here in south Tampa. From the moment you walk in the space feels like you have stepped into the french quarter of New Orleans. From the creole inspired food to the gas lanterns and intricate copper ceiling tiles, Roux screams creole nouvelle!


My amazing parents!

We started off with quite a few appetizers – the skillet cornbread, crab beignets, duck confit egg rolls, and shrimp & cream cheese grits! Yum, unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the apps but my favorites were the shrimp & grits and the cornbread!


For the main course I had the Duck Au Poivre, it was to die for, the duck was tender and delicious.


Crispy skin-on duck breast, hericot verts, sauce au poive, brabant sweet potatoes.

Brad ordered the massive chicken & waffles – holy cow!


Spicy barq’s root beer marinated fried chicken breast & thigh, two sweet potato waffles, steen’s cane syrup butter, barq’s root beer syrup.

You can check out the roux menu here! We had a fabulous time at Roux, I’ll definitely be going back in the future.

 How was your weekend?

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?

What is the weather like where you live?






Wedding Fun + Stitch Fix Review #2

Unfortunately, last night I got the dreaded email from the NYC Marathon Gods saying that I was NOT excepted in this year’s lottery 😦 . Oh well, now I can try for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. The lottery for that marathon opens in the 13th of this month so wish me luck, again.

This past weekend we went to a fabulous wedding. The wedding and the reception both took place at the Rusty Pelican here in Tampa.


I was in LOVE with the atmosphere created by the stunning lighting and linens encompassing the room.


Cocktail Hour!


Awesome wedding band (note: this was before the dancing started)


Pete & Kaitlin’s Fist Dance – Awwwww


Anthony & Alex – These two are getting married in 3 weeks!


The Bride & Groom at the after party – adorable!

Pete & Kaitlin’s wedding was romantic, fun and entertaining! They had all the essentials covered – Great music, delicious food, a fun crowd and of course, an open bar haha. But in all seriousness I am very happy for the lovely couple, so exciting! 🙂

I decided to order another Stitch fix since I had a credit on my  account, yay! Just in case you have not heard of Stitch fix here is the description from their company website:

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Simply buy what you like and return the rest.

Most of the time I’ve had really good luck with my fixes, other times I have had to send the whole thing back. I think the trick is to give your stylist a REALLY in-depth description of what you like and dislike. Also, when you send your fix back be sure to make the appropriate notes at check out so that the next time they know what worked and what didn’t.

My Latest Stitch Fix Breakdown:

Ohara Abstract Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress – Market & Spruce $68


Myrtle V-Neck Blouse – Fun2Fun $48


I’m an awkward poser, sorry…

Foster Halter Dress – BRIXON IVY $88

I did not take a separate picture of this one but It’s the dress that I wore to the wedding so obviously I kept it. 🙂


Repeat pic – The dress stopped a few inches above the knee, super cute!

Shirley Tab-Sleeve Kimono – Papermoon $38
Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace – Romolo $34


Sorry for the low quality image – the black thing is the Kimono

Close-up of the fun lace detail on the back

Close-up of the fun lace detail on the back

 Verdict: I kept the halter dress and sent back the rest. I almost kept the wrap dress but I’m trying to be careful about how I spend my $$ these days so I had to give it up.

If you decide to give stitch fix a try pretty please use my referral link 😉 –> https://stitchfix.com/referral/3199230

Which stitch fix piece was your favorite?

Would you consider yourself fashionable? – No

How is your week going so far?